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Printing Press Application Scheme

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Gravure, relief and lithographic printing
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Product characteristics

GM7 series AC servo frequency conversion motor (asynchronous spindle) can be matched with all kinds of high, middle and low-grade converters at home and abroad for open-loop control operation or closed-loop control operation; it can start from 0.1HZ to 50HZ, with high speed, stable low-speed torque, wide range of constant torque and constant power speed regulation, and will not cause pull and damage materials because of too fast or too slow operation; at the same time, it has strong overload capacity, and can rotate from 0.1HZ to 50HZ. Small inertia, fast response, low noise fan for heat dissipation, compact structure, small size, suitable for spindle rewinding and unwinding equipment.                                                   

GK9 synchronous servo motor drives the roller to complete traction color matching with high precision and fast response (the torque ripple is as low as 0.3%, the instantaneous output torque fluctuates smoothly with time, which reduces the stability of speed affected by the motor jitter, and reduces the energy consumption of the motor); high density and anti-interference (the motor is made of high volume ferromagnetic material, greatly improving the torque). When the density is over 20%, the outgoing line is shielded by twisted pairs to reduce interference.

Common types