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Robot Application Scheme

Hot application

Material palletizing, assembly, handling, welding, spot welding, gluing and spraying
  • Product characteristics
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Product characteristics

1、GK9 series servo motor is a ten-pole servo motor with high density magnetic concentrating optimization design, high density ferromagnetic material structure per unit volume, direct thermal conduction stator insulation system, large circular slot and direct torque winding stator.

2、Performance of Robots:

    ◆  High speed: When the motor is running, the maximum speed can reach 6000 to 9000, which greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the corresponding cost for some robots in the demanding industry.

    ◆  High Precision: Because of the unique design concept, the torque ripple is as low as 0.3%, which makes the instantaneous output torque of the motor fluctuate smoothly with time, so as to reduce the stability of the speed of the motor due to jitter and reduce the energy consumption of the motor.

    ◆  High density: The motor is made of high volume ferromagnetic material, which greatly improves the torque density (up to 20%). At the same time, when the motor reaches the rated point, it will improve the instantaneous overload capacity and make the operation more smooth.

3、It has smaller size, compact structure, lower consumables and smaller space occupation. It is suitable for robots with high response and requirement for installation space.

Common types