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Product characteristics

Application characteristics

·High Torque, High Driving Rigidity;

·Gearless transmission clearance, no friction loss, long service life and stable accuracy;

·Installed in the equipment, make the structure of the equipment more compact, small size, light weight;

·Large aperture hollow shaft rotors are easy to threading, electrification, fluid, installation and debugging.;

·Maintenance free.

Application scope

·CNC machine tool industry: CNC direct drive turntable (single axis, A, B axis), dynamic tool library, power tool holder, indexing plate;

·Semiconductor processing and electronic components assembly equipment;

·Manipulators, robots, handling lines;

·Medical equipment;

·Printing equipment;

·Plastic processing equipment: electric pre-moulding, all-electric injection moulding machine, extruder, etc.

·Direct drive pumping unit, electric drive direct drive drilling rig;

·Radar, artillery and inertial navigation platform;

·Wind power generation.

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