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    • System Design Engineer
    • Technology category
    • 2
    • Wuhan Golden Age Motor Technology Co.,Ltd
    • 2019-05-29 00:00:00

    Nature of work:8 hours Salary range:5000 Demand department:Technology Department Working place:Wuhan Job type:Technology category Recruitment area:Wuhan, Hubei Province

    Operating duty:

      1. 1.Responsible for compiling the overall solar photovoltaic solutions and assisting regional sales to recommend solutions;

      2. 2.Responsible for completing the design and configuration of solar photovoltaic power system, and has the ability of overall guidance and installation on the construction site;

      3. 3.Responsible for detailed design plan, project description and other technical documents of distributed electrical system, drawing necessary effect maps and corresponding schematic maps of the system;

      4. 4.Assist to complete the corresponding electrical construction technology consultation, guidance and on-site guidance in the implementation of the project, and the overall design of grid-connected or off-grid projects;


      1. 1.Knowledge of solar cell products, photovoltaic modules/systems, production process, electrical design, etc.

      2. 2.More than five years working experience in solar power system design, skilled use of AUTDCAD design software and OFFICE office software, etc.

      3. 3.It can independently design the overall scheme of solar photovoltaic power generation system, and has the ability of overall planning and guidance on the construction site.

      4. 4.Good oral expression, planning and execution skills, with a high sense of responsibility;

      5. 5.Familiar with high and low voltage distribution priority, familiar with photovoltaic industry, large-scale ground power station, distributed photovoltaic power station design experience is preferred;