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Product characteristics

TZ series IPM motor for vehicle is composed of stator, rotor and high precision feedback elements. It can be widely used in all kinds of power unit systems of electric vehicles.

The motor has the following advantages:

Compact structure, high specific power and power density, light weight, which is conducive to reducing the quality of vehicle equipment, has a larger starting torque and a larger range of speed regulation performance.

High controllability, steady-state accuracy and dynamic performance

Superior high speed performance, the maximum speed of motor can reach 8000-12000 r/min.

Excellent overloading capacity, which can meet the requirements of short-term acceleration and maximum climbing gradient.

High efficiency, low loss and braking energy recovery when vehicle decelerates

High reliability, temperature and moisture resistance, low noise during operation, and long-term operation in harsh environment

Ambient temperature: - 40 +55.

Relative humidity of working environment: 30% - 95% (no condensation)

Working atmospheric pressure: 86-106 KPa

Use altitude: <1000m

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