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Product characteristics

GM7 series AC servo frequency conversion (spindle) motors are composed of stator, rotor, low noise fan and high precision encoder (not needed for open-loop control). On the basis of structure optimization and magnetic circuit optimization, F-class special insulation structure, whole machine processing and high precision dynamic balancing technology are adopted.

It has the following advantages:

1. Compact design, smaller body, lighter weight, high energy density

2. Special design for electronics-magnet vibration, low noise, high rotation resolution, enough constant speed range and constant power range

3. Low inertia, high response

4. Even air-gap, high balance accuracy, low torque wave

5. Full sealed design, protection class:Ip54

6. Special Class F insulation, anti surge current&corona.

7. Robust, durable, reliable;

8. Good price based on strong performance.

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